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You can find the schedule for the 3D-Expo-Presentations on Friday, 04.10.13, here.


2EyeTec was founded by Christian Meyer and Thomas Brenneis to design and build the Minirig. The Minirig is probably the most compact and versatile beam splitter rig presently available. The aim is that it be as easy as possible to maintain flexibility and reduce the limitations of shooting with a mirror rig. Onboard, handheld, documentary, underwater, action, sports are just some of the situations for which the Minirig was designed.
More Info: www.minirig.eu


AirVisionair® is one of the leading suppliers of FullHD and UltraHD aerial images and videos taken by Unmanned Aircraft Systems. We use our specially designed GPS-supported AVCopters® to create professional aerial photography and videography from breathtaking perspectives. Our customers come from many different business sectors such as TV, cinema, sports, industry, real estate, tourism and agriculture. With our aerial images we raise the visual presentation of their projects, objects, events and services to a whole new level of quality & fascination. See for yourself the stunning performance capabilities of AirVisionair®!
More Info: www.airvisionair.eu


Alioscopy is at the forefront of the auto-stereoscopic 3D industry. Whether catching the eye for sales enablement in digital signage or improving the understanding of complex imagery, Alioscopy 3D screens offer glasses-free 3D quality. At 3D-Festival BEYOND 2013, Alioscopy will unveil its latest innovations & partnership with 3D Impact Media:

  • Ultra-HD (4K) screens with incomparable image fineness, showing content by 3D artist Mark Blezinger, interactively powered by Unity.
  • Real-time conversion of live content into Alioscopy format using 3D Impact Media's state-of-the-art live conversion box.
    Enjoying 3D has never been this easy!

More Info: www.alioscopy.com

Apfel Programm Marketing

Apfel TV Kontor provides consulting services including the negotiation between TV channels and network operators, development of TV channels and apps as well as networking consultancy by making contacts and help to find co-operations. We analyze TV market trends, develop marketing strategies and connect companies of the media industry to exploit synergistic benefits for both sides.
More Info: www.apfeltv.de

ArcTron 3D

Get to know our extensive services and product range: 3D-laser scanning, airborne, terrestrial and high-resolution 3D-surveys, multimedia visualizations, software development and 3D model building. As an innovative specialist for three-dimensional cultural heritage documentation, we focus on archaeology and the cultural heritage sector, architectural documentations and museum services. With a team of 20 specialists from all kinds of scientific fields, we are also prepared to work on complex, industrial 3D-projects.
More Info: www.arctron.de

ARFMANN & BERGER Rechtsanwälte

The law firm Arfmann & BERGER Rechtsanwälte advises and represents enterprises, freelancer and organizations in the areas of IT Law, Copyright and Media Law, Intellectual property (including trademark law, unfair competition law), Internet Law, Commercial Law and Company Law, Employment Law.The advisory services of the partners, Nico Arfmann and Ulrike Berger, include the design of new business models. The goal is to develop together with their clients economically sensible, practical and innovative solutions.
More Info: www.arfmann-berger.de

C.R.S. iiMotion GmbH

C.R.S. iiMotion offers customized vision solutions for the entire video processing chain. It provides innovative research solutions in the field of image and video signal processing for industrial customers. Its activities cover the whole image processing chain, from camera capture over post-processing to rendition on the newest displays. With clients in Europe, USA and Asia, C.R.S. iiMotion has intensive experience in international collaborations with enterprises, ranging from small to large size. It is working hand in hand with our customers to provide them everything from one single source, from the conception to the know-how transfer.
More Info: www.crs-iimotion.com

Engineering Mathematics and Computing Lab (EMCL)

The newest methods in scientific calculation are indispensable tools for innovation in many industry-related departments, whereas especially the energy efficiency becomes more important in high performance computing. One of the main objects of the Engineering Mathematics and Computing Lab (EMCL) under the command of Prof. Dr. Vincent Heuveline is to make the research on this area of industry available.For the purpose of the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR) at the university of Heidelberg in combination of national and international research institutions and industry partners, practice-oriented issues in the departments of medicine, meteorology, environmental sciences and energy are covered.The visualization of complex processes with high innovative stereoscopic technology, also propelled at the EMCL, plays an important role for the establishment of new and developed methods.
More Info: www.emcl.uni-hd.de

Filmboard Karlsruhe e.V.

The Filmboard Karlsruhe is the central network of film creators within the technology region of Karlsruhe. It offers comprehensive advice on production issues and provides film locations. In addition the Film Board is involved in various film events such as the International Film Festival “Independent Days” which has gained a reputation of its own in Germany. A central element of the Film Board’s work is the training of media professionals.
More Info: www.filmboard-karlsruhe.de

GameLab Karlsruhe with artist Martin Reiche
Martin Reiche is an audiovisual installation artist who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He is co-founder and head member of the Laboratory for the Analysis of Social Networks (LASN) at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, co-founder of the Subformat Research Group, which conducts research in the theory of space and spatial digitalization phenomena, and regularly holds presentations on professional computer science and digital art and gaming at conferences.
More Info: www.martinreiche.com

HAFNER’S BÜRO MakerBot Distributor Central & East Europe

HAFNER’S BÜRO provides professional 3D desktop printing solutions for global companies as well as for individual designers.
It offers sales, training, service and support for the leading MakerBot 3D desktop printers, as well as for the corresponding design software. MakerBot 3D printers turn your ideas into objects – from manufacturing hobby models to professional design prototypes. Get inspired and motivated by the wide range of design possibilities with HAFNER’S BÜRO MakerBot Distributor Central & East Europe.
More Info: www.hafners-buero.de

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

The workgroup addresses the mathematical aspects of numerical simulation, optimization and high-performance computing. In research and projects, we develop and analyze mathematical models, computational fluid dynamics and simulation of geological phenomena, as well as the scientific visualization. The interdisciplinary collaboration is an important aspect in the projects, with partners from academia, industry and the public sector.
More Info: www.math.kit.edu/ianm4/de

Kopfsalat Medien

The Film production & Media Agency Kopfsalat Medien produces audio-visual media content-like image videos, television contributions, event-documentations and product-videos. Furthermore, the network of around 10 persons is expert in commercial photography and web developing. Kopfsalat Medien was founded in 2007 by Daniel Sturm, Media Designer Motion Picture and Audio Teacher for audiovisual communication at UAS Heilbronn.
More Info: www.kopfsalat-medien.de

Lightshape OHG

Lightshape stands for fascinating high-end visualizations and interactive 3D applications with a true benefit. In close collaboration with customers and partners digital solutions for print, film and interactive applications are developed with a enhanced benefits with respect to efficiency and sustainability. We assist you by emphasizing your product's strength. This will help you creating a solid basis for precise decision-making in your business. Customers in the fields of automotive, architecture, agencies, industry, product design, as well as small and medium-sized businesses rely on our professional support.
More Info: www.lightshape.net

MEDIA Antenne München (MEDIA Desk)

The European Union has supported Europe's film industry over the years 2007-2013 with a total of 755 million euros. The clear priority lies in the sales, rental and promotion of European films outside their home country, in other European countries as well as globally (65% of the total budget). With MEDIA Plus and MEDIA Training (2001-2006), the EU has invested more than half a billion euros in 8000 projects from over 30 countries.
More Info: www.mediadesk-deutschland.eu

MFG Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg GmbH

Since October 1995 the Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg (MFG) has been working in an effort to advance the region’s film industry. The annual budget of approx. 15 million euros subsidizes cinema and TV productions, script development, and distribution of games, documentaries, and animated films. Numerous measures to support the film industry’s infrastructure enhance the region’s diverse and spirited cinema scene.
More Info: www.mfg.de

Projectiondesign / Barco GmbH

projectiondesign is a Norwegian company that designs, manufactures and markets high-performance projectors for professional, business and consumer applications. Among its core markets are high-resolution scientific visualization, visual training & simulation, medical imaging, broadcast & post production, public media and entertainment etc. Since 2013, projectiondesign is part of Barco, a global technology company that designs and develops visualization products for a variety of selected professional markets. Barco is active in over 90 countries with about 3,900 employees worldwide. Barco posted sales of 1.156 billion euro in 2012.
More Info: www.projectiondesign.com and www.barco.com

ProzessPiraten GmbH
Prozesspiraten is a marketing consultancy company based in Ulm and operating throughout Germany. The company’s field of specialization lies in firms from high-technology industries, such as software, hardware, pharmacy and logistics. Customers range from start-up companies, medium-sized family businesses and international companies. We support customers such as Lumo Graphics, Deutsche Messe AG or Notterkran with a wide range of marketing services. Our expertise is in the 3D market.
More Info: www.prozesspiraten.de

S3D (Consult 3D-CC/DNS)

DNS Consult (owner Lutz Möhr) is an independent consulting company that has concentrated on the field of artificial perception of three-dimensional content since 2001. In order to assist companies in marketing their 3D-related products and services, various marketing activities and event series have been launched.
More Info: www.s3d.eu

Schneider Digital

Schneider Digital Josef J. Schneider e. K. has been specialized on the production and distribution of tailor-made professional 3D hardware solutions since its establishment in 1995. From the very beginning Schneider Digital has been serving the following industries: GEO informatics systems, CAX, architecture, science, medical, animation, film/TV and digital imaging. The company’s expertise is focused on the selection, configuration and integration of the appropriate hardware, at the same time concentrating on the best possible configuration for maximum operating speed at maximum system stability. We obtain strong ties with the development departments of our manufacturers as well as the manufacturers of our most important software applications and do not rely on benchmark tests but on empirically gained results!
Schneider Digital also delivers tailor-made, sophisticated software solutions to our valued customers and is specialized in graphic-intensive computer applications. In today's rapidly changing global markets, up-to-date know-how is inevitable and our biggest challenge, but also the most important investment for our customers! Our solutions are tailor made and fine-tuned to your individual needs!
More Info: www.schneider-digital.com


TRIDELITY AG is a provider of glasses-free auto-stereoscopic 3-D screens; the company has been pioneering the development of this cutting-edge technology for years, offering the highest quality 3D solutions. In addition to related technologies and services, TRIDELITY also provides an extensive hardware range of solutions for single-viewer and multi-viewer purposes, with unprecedented viewing comfort, exceptional 3-D depth and the highest resolution in the industry.
More Info: www.tridelity.com

TV Komm

The year starts with the TV Comm, Germany's No.1 industry event about moving image. The success concept of best practice workshops with top speakers and newest technology offers exchange of knowledge and ideas as a compressed value.
More Info: www.tv-komm.de

The Virtual Dimension Center (VDC)

The Virtual Dimension Center (VDC) is Germany's leading network for Virtual Engineering, Virtual Reality, 3D Simulation and 3D Visualization. Since 2002 the VDC creates synergies between the network members and supports technology transfer. More than 100 members and partners - among them research institutions, technology suppliers, service providers, users and multipliers - are working together in the topics of Simulation, Visualisation, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and Virtual Reality (VR) along the whole value chain Virtual Engineering. The services of the VDC include information search and processing connected to the dynamic field of Virtual Engineering, marketing and dissemination, establishing contacts on national and international level, technology transfer and the management of Funds.
More Info: www.vdc-fellbach.de


VRLOGIC is your professional partner and supplier of stereo 3D technology and solutions. We offer innovative and sophisticated products. Visit the Beyond 3D-EXPO & receive hands-on demonstrations from experts through an extensive set of applications for virtual Engineering, PLM/Digital Mockup, technical Documentation, Simulation, Bio- & Medical technology, Training/Education and Presentation. Take advantage from our experience in application-oriented 3D solutions to accelerate research & development, increase productivity, visualize and analyze complex processes and finally raise the value-added chain in your organization.
More Info: www.vrlogic.com



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