Engineering Mathematics and Computing Lab (EMCL)

At the Engineering Mathematics and Computing Lab (EMCL) in the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) three-dimensional simulations are undertaken in the areas of medicine, meteorology and energy. The applications where mathematics is used to solve problems of high impact for society reach from the simulation of human respiration, over tropical cyclones up to energy-efficient computers, delivering fascinating insights and new solutions. For solving such problems, the scientists are working on the world fastest computers that are delivering an unthinkable huge amount of numbers and 3D-data: Striving for comprehensible and fascinating representations of this flood of information, technology and society are meeting in dialog.


PXNG.LI – Network for Media Art & Design
Provides solutions for the following areas amongst others: digital media art - stagedesign - process based graphics - animation -  interaction & interface design - realtime applications - print – game development.

Sponsor: Bureau of Culture Karlsruhe

The Bureau of Culture Karlsruhe is the central subsidy and consulting agency for institutional and autonomous cultural centers, cultural protagonists, cultural clubs, as well as for the city's artists. Additionally, it develops concepts and plans events, most of which are realised in cooperation with other culture bearers. We see ourselves as a service provider, moderator, initiator and networker.

Digital Cinema Mastering

brings content to the digital cinema, with a fast workflow, competent and friendly consulting, and long lasting experience in cinema.

Georg Fricker Stiftung

Two years after the passing away of Georg Fricker, former owner of the Schauburg Cinema in Karlsruhe, the "Georg Fricker Trust" was set up (June 2010). In his lifetime the cineaste spent his entire fortune on making art and culture accessible to a broad public through the medium of film. The purpose of the trust is to advance film culture.

MFG Filmförderung

The MFG Film Funding Baden-Württemberg sees itself as a competence and consulting centre for the realm of film and cinema in Baden-Württemberg. It supports culturally outstanding film productions for cinema and television.

Die Schauburg

During the 3D symposium BEYOND, Karlsruhe's renowned movie theater will be showing 3D movies.


The Filmpalast near the ZKM – anything but your ordinary cinema. With nearly 3,000 seats, ten silver screens, and a broad foyer with four restaurants and bars, this cinema has it in it to offer each visitor the best in leisure and entertainment.

Baden TV

BadenTV is a regional channel for the regions of Karlsruhe, Pforzheim, Baden-Baden, Rastatt, Enzkreis and beyond since May 1st 2011.


Neumann & Müller Veranstaltungstechnik


Over 30 years of experience, ultramodern equipment available throughout Germany, cross-segment competence and international customers: as a high-end supplier, Neumann&Müller offers highly competent planning and consulting services for all areas of event equipment: audio, lighting, video, conferencing, staging, special effects, rigging and trussing.

“We will only be successful together as a team.” N&M has devoted itself to this basic idea, both with respect to its customers and its own workforce of 320 or more people. As a result, this specialist for event equipment offers its clientele— these being above all agencies, but also companies from industry and the service sector, as well as cultural institutions—close cooperation right from the planning stage. Continuous consulting starting with planning through implementation and task planning, right up to organizing and holding the event, and all from a single supplier, is of mutual interest to both the customer and the service provider not only for reasons of time—it also has an almost instant effect on cost, too.

N&M’s 21 branches and offices in exhibition centers both in Germany and abroad form a network collaborating closely to provide clients with swift access to their know-how and technical resources – no matter where the event is taking place. The company employs over 400 engineers, production managers, bookers and specialists who offer solid workmanship and longstanding experience of event implementation. Further, N&M can rely on about 1,600 highly qualified free-lance technicians and master craftsmen to ensure first-class results.


We develop innovative 3D HD-systems for future markets. We support our customers at the highest level with many years of production experience. We offer solutions in the areas of entertainment, advertising, documentation, research & development, industry and medicine.



MediLive realises successfully 3D productions since 1994. Our experience ranges from video- and live recording to mixing and presentation techniques. With our 3D department Invistra we develop stereoscopic hard- and software, like the multiplexer A100 and an applet software which makes high quality 3D online viewing possible.

Planet Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH

Planet Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmH was founded in 2001 by Gülsel Özkan and Ludger Pfanz in Ettlingen near Karlsruhe, Germany. After ten years of working together on the production of numerous prize-winning documentary films and TV features, they began to produce feature films as well in 2002.

In their work they mainly focus on social, environmental, multicultural and intercultural issues for the European and international markets.


CIANT has supported production and promotion of technological art and culture since 1998.

CIANT is an international platform for research, production and presentation of creative use of information and communication technologies within the arts, often intersecting with various scientific domains. During the last 10 years CIANT has established art/science collaborations with research institutes, universities, art centres as well as individuals across the whole of Europe and beyond. Based in Prague, Czech Republic.

CIANT is a non-governmental non-profit civic association that invites artists, scientists, researchers, curators, and arts managers to get involved in various formats of short- and long-term exploratory research and production activities on both local and international level. With an assistance of public and private funding CIANT initiates and implements projects that aim to transfer knowledge among different creative and research domains while resulting in concrete outcomes such as interactive applications prototypes, new software and hardware integrations or take a form of artworks. Many activities have strong educational and presentational aspect: training sessions, festivals, exhibitions, performances and conferences.

M2F Créations

M2F is an association founded in 2003 with digital arts development and promotion as main activities.
 It organizes cultural exchange between different European structures and international artists. Based in Aix-en-Provence (Maison Numérique, Patio du Bois de l’Aune as main venue since 2009), M2F develops workshops, artist residency and production activities in the Maison Numérique new media arts lab. It also aims at technical knowledge and know-how exchange in new media and digital creation. The GAMERZ Festival proposes a wide range of new media art exhibitions, performances and conferences at the crossroads of ICT and digital arts, questioning interactivity and game-play.
With support of the European Commission since 2007 (Culture 2007/2013 programme), M2F develops its digital art workshops, artist residencies, exhibitions and educational activities in cooperation with lots of European partners in Turkey, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Germany and many more. 

Virtual Dimension Center

The Virtual Dimension Center (VDC, is Germany's leading network for Virtual Engineering, Virtual Reality, 3D Simulation and 3D Visualization. Since 2002 the VDC creates synergies between the network members and supports technology transfer. Approximately 100 members and partners - among them research institutions, technology suppliers, service providers, users and multipliers - are working together in the topics of Simulation, Visualisation, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and Virtual Reality (VR) along the whole value chain Virtual Engineering. The services of the VDC include information search and processing connected to the dynamic field of Virtual Engineering, marketing and dissemination, establishing contacts on national and international level, technology transfer and the management of Funds.


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