Peter Weibel

The Origin of Noise - The Noise of the Origin
(Wednesday October 02, 2013 8.15 p.m., no entrance fee)

A 3D Noise Concert

Since recently we know that the noise on the TV screen partly originates from cosmic background radiation. It is not Kepler’s harmony of the spheres, not atmospheric sounds that make the music of the universe – it’s noise. Before the definition of music in the spirit of antique mathematics there was noise. If light provides us with information from its journey, since billions of years, from the Big Bang, from the origins of the cosmos – or rather, it is our only source of information – then noise is not the end of the sound spectrum but its beginning. The primary musical material is noise.

But noise is not only an acoustic phenomenon but also a visual one, as can be seen in the example of the noise on the TV screen. Noise emerges from objects, but it also comes from the human being, the observer. Noise is an interactive phenomenon between material and the human being, between the world and humans. This is also why the observer, the visitor to the concert wearing 3D glasses, is able to see how noise becomes shapes in the space. Virtual noise patterns move rhythmically through space. A storm of data, numbers, and characters generates acoustic noise, which in turn produces visual patterns of noise. Immersed in a hardcore universe of noise, a climax of techno music, the listener learns a new lesson in mind expansion. Stimulation instead of simulation.

In the digital age we are nothing but particles in the ocean of data, data carriers, data hunters. We ourselves are data of the data noise.

In the analogue age the piano creates piano sounds, the drum set drum sounds, and so on. In the digital age any object, also any musical instrument can produce any sound. Newly designed instruments as well as everyday objects form a new source of sound production or the production of new sounds. But these new sounds are also generated by the audience through digital technologies. The audiences’ participation remixes the sound data. Heavy metal rock, industrial noise, and techno music were only the commercial, tamed impulse for the entry into a new era of “organised sound” (Varèse). 

Noise is the real sledgehammer of God.

Participants: Peter Weibel und Ludger Brümmer,Hartmut Bruckner, Götz Dipper, Manfred Hauffen, Bernd Lintermann, Nikolaus Völzow, Manuel Weber, Alex Hauck

A coproduction of donaufestival and ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe.



"Das Lobuch der Gisela"

“Das Logbuch der Gisela” by Pia Matthes is an oversized pop-up storybook and stage setting.
In this surrealistic play, the terrible pirate grandmother Hortensia Emilia enters the expedition ship "Gisela". However the pirates do not know that in the belly of the ship much meaner beings are located.

The artist and student of the University of Art and Design in Karlsruhe built a three-dimensional storybook for children and adults within her intermediate in the field of product design.

Assistants: Zoe Grumm, Andreas Goralczyk, Manuel Kolip, David Loscher, Frank Bierlein, Damian Domes, Alena Pfanz, Maike Sauer,, Steffen Wolf

For children at the age of 6 or older




A dream trip

3D-video installation | duration: 40 minutes | 3 parts, like the levels in the staging of Kafka 4.0

A theater event where 3D technology is used during Studio 4.0 at the National Theatre Mannheim on february 16th 2013. The performance of Kafka 4.0 was filmed in 3D
The performance of Kafka 4.0 was recorded in 3D to approach the perception of theater space by the 3D use for the preservation and reproduction of the piece as an installation. With this method it‘s possible to show a play validity also in preserved condition closer to the real acting effect to bring viewers than conventional 2D recordings of live performances can do. In three display boxes 3 video parts are shown separately next to each other in 3D and offer each spectator the opportunity to embark on the three interrelated parts of the 3D theater radio play and immerse yourself for a short time virtually in a theater room and be there, which already would have been.

A straw? Some people stick to a pencil line across the water.

Holds? Dreams as a drowned man from a rescue.                        Franz Kafka

Implementation - Birgit Bauer, Marcela Snaselova, Lea Gerschwitz, Paul Modler team and NTM


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