Film festival

The best movies in the categories 3D documentary and 3D short film will be awarded with the BEYOND-Award this year. From over 50 international entries, the expert jury will select the winners. The contributions in the field of 3D short film will be shown on Friday the 04th of October 2013 at
ZKM | Medientheater. The submissions for the 3D documentary competition will be shown on different days in the cinema multiplex "Filmpalast am ZKM."

The range of contributions is huge, from technically unique and stunning 3D documentary over stereoscopic feature films, dramatic narratives and artistic 3D productions to 3D animation and cartoons. Innovative, documental and fictional space-time-narrations, which deliver adequate content for the new technological possibilities for stereoscopy, are in the focus of the festival.

Kathleen Schröter (head of jury), Lisa Gotto, Vibeke Sorensen, Ariela Stern and Gülsel Özkan will function as the jury for the film competitions. 

Films which...

...measure the visual world in a new way and are not afraid of making mistakes.
...explore unknown territories and let us see the world in an unseen way.
...are brave enough to consider new ways of story telling and take the steps from the 2D-screen to the 3D-stage.
...expand the tension in time through tension in space.
...create a new imagination and present the picture in a unknown way.

In short, films which are simply BEYOND.


"Let's be humble and be brave and make a lot of mistakes
but let's discover this language,
it's a legitimate one."

Ang Lee


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