The Big Showdown - Le Grand Combat

The Big Showdown is a 3D short film that reveals different stages of awareness...
The awareness of Norbert, a man living a deliberately solitary life.  Further to a seemingly insignificant event, he will give way to paranoia and madness before he realizes that his everyday life is no longer satisfying and that a new start has become vital. What triggers off this radical change is a duel... A duel between the man and a pigeon taking shelter out of his windowsill...Being a very maniac person, the intrusion of pigeons in his everyday routine will lead the way to Norbert’s brief but intense paranoid insanity crisis. When fighting to protect his “territory”, which is to say his soothing daily life, against the invading bird, he is actually fighting against himself. Norbert has to force himself to accept confronting the outside world once again, thereby accepting the idea of a new life and opening up to hope.


by Jean-Nicolas Rivat

Duration: 20 minutes