Die Kathedrale

Until the 19th century the Strassburger Muenster was the highest building in Europe with its 142 metres. The 3D documentary shows the spectacular building of medieval times from a special perspective and brings the constructors and builders back to life in reenacted scenes.

The Strassburger Muenster is a creation built by many generations in honour of god. The dream to build something higher than anything else came true. The architects and master-builders of the Middle Ages who built the big gothic monuments in Europe are the real hereos of this documentary. Six of them tell their stories, among them Erwin von Steinbach, the famous visionary of the entire construction project. The audience is invited to see how Ulrich von Ensingen and his construction supervisor and successor Johannes Schütz build the highest and most fragile tower of Christianity.

Furthermore, operation methods and habits of craftsmen of that time as well as the social system of a medieval building lot will be explained. 

Die Kathedrale - Baumeister des Strassburger Muensters
Germany, France, 2012
Direction: Marc Jampolsky

Duration: 90 minutes