Fire Ants 3D

For more than 80 years, Solenopsis Invicta has been on a ceaseless march across the United States, racking up six billion dollars every year in crop damage, equipment repair, and pest control. They have conquered more than 320 million acres in 13 U.S. states and killed at least 80 people. Embolden, they march on to conquer the world…. 
Now, scientists are cracking the ants´ ancient secrets to success, enlisting crime scene forensics to track it, and breeding winged assassins to hunt them down. Stunning 3D macro photography explores the secret world of the fire ant with support from the world’s foremost fire ant experts. You will never look at an ant the same way again.

Director: Michael Watchulonis
Duration: 60 min.
year: 2012
country: USA
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