Harald is a wrestler. Driven by his ambitious mother he won a vast number of challenge cups. But his true love are flowers. When his favourite is taken away by his mother one day, he has to fight for it.

Stereoscopic 3D in "Harald"

„The story plays in the action-driven entertainment world of wrestling, but I wanted to tell the story of a person who finds passion in something subtle like growing flowers. Therefore, the 3D camera was not used to celebrate action and excitement (like commonly expected in colourful animation films like this), but instead in a more discreet way to support the emotional connection between characters and audience. Depth and distance of space were adjusted to support the feel for constraint and freedom in the dramaturgy.“ (Moritz Schneider, director)

Palm Springs International ShortFest: „Best Student Animation 1st Place“
SIGGRAPH 2013 Computer Animation Festival: „Best Student Project Runners-Up“Director: Moritz Schneider

Duration: 6:30 minutes