Helsinki 3D

Helsinki 3D is a visual documentary about the life and rhythm of Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

The film consists of stereoscopic timelapses over the course of a year. It captures the life and cycle of Helsinki city with its landscapes and calming perspectives. The film is shot with two identical Canon EOS cameras rigged together. With high resolution images combined together, the three dimensional experience of the film is sharp and flourished with color and detail. The film includes sequences of hyper stereoscopic shots, where the camera interaxial distance is more than a normal distance between human eyes. This allows the viewer to see the world from the unusual perspective with increased sense of depth.

The film includes original music by the finnish musician Perttu Tuomaala / DJ Preal, composed specifically for the movie.

Camera, edit, stereo by Alexander Savin
Camera assistance by Stanisla RAchkovskaya
Music by DJ Preal
Karisma Films production

Duration: 9 minutes
Full HD 3D and 4K 3D