InBetween (Zwischenräume)

When the space between people become empty the people themselves feel empty. Ellen and David are breaking up. He wants her to stay. Even if it's difficult for her she's moving out of their apartment. Left alone an half-empty room. As Ellen drives away, David is looking into the aquarium, she left over. He realized that every human lives in his own ocean.

This short movie was developed for the purposes of a seminar paper at the Stuttgart Media University. The aim was a cinemativ comparison between 2D and Stereo-3D. Therefore the script was filmed twice with different resolution concepts. The strenght of 3D is to experiancable the distance. And that is what this film avails itself. It shows how spatially and emotionally distance hang together and make the audience feeling it. Thereby we dive into the aquarium of the big city and in the internal spaces of his inhabitants. They are modern, normal, successful but are they happy?

by Andreas Engelhardt

Duration: 8 minutes