Le Phénoméne Atmosphérique

Short Description

Le Phénomène is an impressive film about meteorological phenomena...

Director’s Statement

The main motivation behind the film was to create beautiful painting that would expand into 3D stereo pictorial space. Imagery was inspired after Light and Space Art Movement and optical and geometric painterly abstractions. How geometric shapes and use of light affect the environment and perception of the viewer was project's concern. The focus was on perceptual phenomena such as light, volume, scale and use of caustic and fluids. The film premiered at its full length at the famous Ars Electronica Festival Austria 2011, at the Deep Space, a large scale, 3D stereo immersive, artistic and scientific platform. The film was adapted for one of the kind large scale curved immersive 3D stereo viewing in the NTU Institute for Media Innovation's- IMI Immersive Room.

Film Title: Le Phénomène Atmosphérique, 2011
Medium: Stereoscopic 3D animation, Genre: Art, Experimental
Movie website: http://www.lephenomeneatmospherique.com

Duration: 9 minutes