Measuring the World

"Measuring the world" is visually stunning cinema adventure about naturalist and a mathematician. Two lifes tie together to a story about passion, loneliness, love and improvement.

An unsual historic movie has emerged, based on one of the most unusual historic novals of the last years. Novel author Daniel Kehlmann wrote the screen play together with director Detlev Buck. The past becomes the present through 3-D-technic. The strong scenes and unlikely heros of the novel are coming alive in a phyiscal, direct and unpathetic way. Sławomir Idziak ("Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix", "Black Hawk Down") was in charge of the art work.

Carl Friedrich Gauß (Florian David Fitz) and Alexander von Humboldt (Albrecht Abraham Schuch) are not satisfied with what they are and because that they fight obsessively for the cognition, one of them in the jungle, the other at the desk.  Genusies become human beings when they come across love. Gauß can give in to his feelings - other than Humboldt, who allows this not until he meets Gauß. Their meeting at the naturalist congress seems to become a catastrophe, but ends with liberation.

Detlev Buck: "What fascinates me about the two is there consistency, even when they run across incomprehension and resistance, they insist on their believe. Furthermore I was affected by how they rediscover in old age what makes them alive: curiositiy."

Duration: 124 minutes