Tanzt! Zukunft braucht Bewegung

"They respect us when we work. But they love us when we dance."
(old Sufi wisdom)

What moves people?

Ballet director Xin Peng Wang faces a difficult challenge when he decides to bring the city, in which he has lived for the last ten years, to the stage. Dortmund, the metropolis in the Ruhr, is a city of change and reformation. This city influences art, too. The living environment engages the dancers from over 21nations in its company and it can be felt through the breakdancers and HipHop dancers, whose culture influences the feeling of a metropolis immensly. Does the city need the people or do the people need the city?

Why do people dance? What joins the dance to the heartbeat of the city?

Xin Peng Wang manages the challenge with movements and discoveries - the dramatic adviser Dr. Christian Baier and Xin Peng Wang find the magic places, the energy and passion in dancers from classic to breakdance and join the life stories of the dancers and the city to create a powerful message:

DANCE! - The Future needs Movement

An exciting search for the heart of a living environment that influences us and at the same time a thrilling drama about the development of a new choreography  that moves the audience, too.

documentary, Germany 2012, 3D

Direction: Ivan Robert Sertic
Production: DSW21, Zoom-Entertainment
Idea/Story: Thomas Steffen, Ivan Robert Sertic
Cinematography, Editing: Thomas Adolph, Heiko Schlomka, Ivan Robert Sertic

Duration: 96 minutes