»uncollectables« is the result of an interdisciplinary workshop with the participation of the HBK (University of Fine Arts) Saarbrücken and the HfM Karlsruhe / IMWI under the direction of Alexander Stublic. It consists of three parts: several 3D-printed objects; a video presenting visualizations of the states of randomly created spaces with three variables and three parameters; and four electronic compositions inspired by the visualizations. In the course of the performance, the acoustic compositions evolve to a stronger "interpreting" role, and finally bring into account the 3D-objects.


programming of the state spaces: Michael Voigt
3D-objects: Matthias Hauck
electronic compositions and production:Michael Kapuste, Christoph Pennig, Ralf Strecker, Vincent Wikström
general concept and advisor: Alexander Stublic

additional credits:

performance HBK Saarbrücken, 2013:production: Fabian Mannesmann, Sebastian Flöht
performance at MUSA festival Karlsruhe, 2013
assistance: Janika Kungl

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