Although Johannes loves his girlfriend Katherina, he needs his space. She on the other hand wants to move in with him. While Johannes is working in a Swiss hotel in the Alps for the summer, he meets young Dutchwoman Eline. With her, he begins to dream of an utopia, a different way of living. 

Every step to the final product, from the story development to production and post production, was realized with the new format of stereoscopic 3D film.

"We want to give the audience an opportunity to take their time when handling the new impressions of stereoscopic 3D film. A three dimensional image space offers the possibility to recreate the separation between the audience and the shown material in a new way. Pictures of people turn into tangible figures."

well_bleche, June 2012, short film, drama, 9:42 minutes, stereo 3D, HD, colour

Direction: Marc Eberhardt

Contributors: Christian Haardt, Veronique Cabois, Benjamin Breitkopf, Marie Falke, Carola Lingelbach, Henning Arnecke, Christian Berkes, Sarah Thöle, Frannk Bierlein, Dominic Thiel, Heng Tang