Huge Panel Discussion on Sunday...

Premises for the digital Promises. From Reel to Cloud 
Martha Capello (President of A.G.P.C.),  Michael Cowan (Producer of Al Pacino films),  Kees Ksasander (Producer of Peter Greenaway films),  Donald K. Ranvaud (Producer of City of God),  Ted Schilowitz (Founder RED Digitial Cinema)



In cooperation with MediLive BEYOND presents an exclusive 3D-live broadcast of Peter Weibel's "3D-noise concert" on Wendesday October 2 from 20 p.m. .
The link will be availabe from Ocotber 2nd on our website.

BEYOND Evening Event

Saturday October 5, 10.30 p.m. Electro-Party with 3D-Visuals by Lieven van Velthoven, etc. and many other DJs are waiting for you. BEYOND-Festival the place to be!

3D Street Art at BEYOND

3D-Street-Artist Alex Maksiov will be at BEYOND and will present his stunning street art. You can find a video here

Movie schedule & Tickets

Movie schedule and tickets are online now. The schedule you find here and the tickets here.


ChromaDepth bei BEYOND

ChromaDepth is a relativly new 3D-technique where special glasses, which don't have anything in common with regular 3D-glasses, are used. Further information you'll find here.

Schedule Symposium

Finally the schedule for the "Parallax" expert symposium at BEYOND is online! Here you can take a look at the schedule. Tickets you'll find here.

New Speakers

Jim Chabin, president of the International 3D Society, and Janjaap Ruijssenaars, innovative architect with 3D printed projects, are new additions to the symposium.

3-D Clothing

Here you can see how the world's first fully articulated 3D printed gown was created. The design was made by Michael Schmidt for Dita von Teese and it was printed by Shapeways.


BEYOND underlines its variety again with Peter Weibel's new "3D-Noise Concert" in which Heavy Metal Rock, Industrial Noise and Techno-Music come together.
More information here.