Built on the success of the first 3D symposium in 2012, BEYOND and the EU project "Parallax" are going to host the international experts 3D-Symposium BEYOND, taking part October 03rd – 06th 2013.

This full-day continuing education symposium will provide an overview of current productions and trends of stereoscopic cinema, TV and storytelling. In addition, BEYOND and "Parallax" will present the latest breakthroughs in science, art and education on the first two days. A special focus this year will be set on the "third industrial revolution" with topics like 3D printing and digital distribution covering the last two days of the symposium. This unusual mix of subject areas unbinds a new experience of 3D. Emphasizing on intermediation and shift of experiences, lectures are going to be the framework for the symposium.

Professors and students of art- and filmschools, producers, editors and professionals in the field of film and TV production as well as experts in 3D print are kindly welcome.

Because of the international range, the whole symposium will be held in english.


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