Axel Wagner

Curriculum Vitae

Axel Wagner is a science journalist and biologist.
Besides his function as a lecturer for communication science he is mainly working in the audiovisual media department of the public radio. Since 1999 he is also a member of the editorial staff in the department of science and education of the SWR. There he works for the channels ARD in front and behind the camera as a presenter, editor, director and speaker. In those years he has produced numerous reports and documentaries. His main geographical focus stretches from the arctic circle to the Antarctica and thematically it stretches from abscense of gravity of a parabolic flight to the pressure ratio during a night dive. He dedicates special attention on the unusual methods of visualisation. The conquest of the third dimension is in his eyes one of the greatest challenges for science itself, but also for the development of non-fictional media formats.

National Institute for communication science, NaWik