Douglas Pritchard

Precise Documentation of the Built Environment: From Urban Landscapes to Stone Sculptures

Established through the Scottish Government, the Scottish Ten is a unique five-year project using the latest technology to create exceptionally accurate 3D digital models of Scotland’s five UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites and five international ones in order to better conserve, manage and promote. Internationally, four sites have been documented: Mount Rushmore USA, Rani Ki Vav India, Eastern Qing Tombs China and Sydney Opera House Australia.

The primary aims of the S10 project are to:

- Record important historical sites for the benefit of future generations in Scotland and overseas.

- Share and disseminate Scottish technical expertise and foster international collaboration.

- Provide digital media to site managers to better care for the heritage resource.

- Recognise international Scottish cultural connections.

The foundation of the project is 3D laser scanning. It can provide fast, objectively accurate dimensional and texture data of an as-built structure. The derived point-cloud information can be integrated into other forms of 3D animation, GIS and multimedia systems as well as high-resolution digital photographs for texture creation. Laser scanning has the advantage of providing all the necessary dimensional information to derive a 3D urban model with exceptional accuracy. This presentation will focus on the methodology required in the documentation of the Scottish Ten sites, in particular the advantage of using 3D laser scanning and other high-definition digital technologies in the creation of architectural, heritage and urban city models.

Curriculum Vitae

Douglas Pritchard is a visualisation consultant with expertise in the precise dimensional documentation of the built form - from individual stone sculptures to entire cities. As the former Director of the Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation, Douglas was involved in the creation of the highly-innovative Scottish Ten project (, a partnership between CyArk, Historic Scotland and the Glasgow School of Art. He has been involved in a variety of high-progfile projects - from Mount Rushmore National Memorial in the USA to the iconic Sydney Opera House in Australia.

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