Florian Maier

Florian Maier, founder and CEO of STEREOTEC, is an acknowledged and respected  stereographer worldwide. He was recently awarded with five Lumiere Awards for Outstanding  Achievement (“Best Stereography”, twice “Best 3D Feature Film” and twice “Best  Commercial”), from the International 3D Society in Hollywood - next to other international awards. Florian Maier has been pioneering 3D since he founded his company in 1997. Being the mastermind behind the construction of all STEREOTEC rigs, he has also been working as  a senior stereographer for feature films like "Return of Viy", “Hansel & Gretel: Witch  Hunters”,“Vicky and the Treasure of the Gods”, “Hype Nation”, various commercials  (Volkswagen, Sony, Red Bull), short films, etc… Film schools, universities and professional 3D workshops request his expert knowledge. He has guided various workshops and master classes all over the world including Berlin, Pusan, Hollywood, New York and Vancouver. Florian Maier believes that a stereographer should focus on creative decisions, which are driven by the completely new language of stereoscopic filmmaking. He is convinced that stereoscopic filmmaking will be successful, if it combines the artistic use of stereoscopic principles with technical precision, knowledge about human physiology, and a passion for filmmaking.