Thorsten Bauer

When the Digital hits the Wall 

The mediafaçade is the locus of the epochal discourse between “things” and “signs”. There is hardly a better representative of the "real" than architecture and hardly any substance is capable of embodying the digital better than projected light. As media artists we convert these counterparts into an aesthetically coherent creation - Lumentecture. Our art always involves a poetic bridging of poles in a world that is increasingly separated into virtual and real environments. For years now urbanscreen has been working within the experimental artistic context of large-scale projections. Video mapping on architectures has been the focus of our creative company in the past years. In our artistic search movement we continuously encounter other disciplines that are faced with similar issues. One of which is 3D cinema, that from our point of view, is in the midst of finding a new cinematic narrative form. We assume a fundamental conflict in the merging of classic motion picture and the reality surrounding us. In media art, this conflict has long been seen as a fertile field for experimentation. The mere transfer of traditional media into spatially dissolved narrative forms, however, as they are attempted in other genres, rarely works. What essentially separates the digital fiction and the space surrounding us from each other? Which debate is hidden behind the spatial disloution of digital media and with what general discussion of our time, is this associated?
This speech is an attempt to express some of the important issues from the artistic subjective in this context. The lecture is introduced by a short exhibition of the work of urbanscreen. The second part of the lecture deals with the transfer of gained experience in other contexts".


Thorsten Bauer - Vita

Born 1975 in Elmshorn / Deutschland
2008 untill today Executive Partner / Creative Director of URRBANSCREEN Gmbh Co Kg
2006-2007 Hochschule für Künste Bremen, "mapping a city", urban mediatization
2004-2008 artistic direction of the "Medienwand im Steintor", an open-space video art portal
1998 - 2006 work as freelance media artist and musician 
1995 - 2000 studying musicology and  sociology in Hamburg



Date:  04.09.2013 - 10:30