Volker Kuchelmeister

In his lecture Volker Kuchelmeister gives an insight into current research projects in the field of immersive visual worlds that are in progress at the Centre for Interactive Cinema Research Sydney. Among other things, there is a new method for detecting and displaying a 360 degree moving image and stereoscopic panoramas, an application for large-scale data visualization and examples of interactive 3D video installations.

Curriculum Vitae

Volker Kuchelmeister has worked since 2002 as an Academic Scientist at the University of New South Wales, Sydney ( iCinema, Centre for Interactive Cinema Research). His sciences focus on Human Computer Interfaces, immersive visualisation, global recording and imaging procedure and the use of new media in contemporary dance and theatre. His works are exhibited in museums, galleries and festivals all around the world and he is actively creating project works at state and university science programs. His focus at the UNSW School of Media Arts lays on immersive visualization and Stereoscopic 3D Cinematography .