Visitors for the 3D-Expo and the Art Exhibition please register here for free.

Tickets for the Parallax-3D-Symposium are now available here.

Tickets Symposium:

1 Day Ticket:     40€ (20€ cut)
3 Days Ticket: 105€ (55€ cut)

Tickets for the 3D-Film Festival now available here.

Tickets Filmfestival:

Fr. 04.10.2013
Block I:    1.15 p.m. - 2.40 p.m.       5,00€ plus prebooking charge
Block II:   2:55 p.m. - 4.25 p.m.       5,00€ plus prebooking charge
Block III:  4.40 p.m. -  5.50 p.m.      5,00€ plus prebooking charge

Tickets for the documentary competion and the motion pictures, which will be shown at the "Filmpalast am ZKM", will be online from the 30th of September under
The prices for all movies, shown at the Filmpalast, will cost 9€.


Your tickets for the film festival and 3D-Expert symposium are available now.

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