TransISTor focuses on the new technologies employed in the production and post-production of feature films, documentaries and experimental media creations, training European audiovisual professionals through a series of cross-disciplinary workshops.

Since 2005 CIANT has promoted the TransISTor training initiative (TransISTor 2013 is the 9th edition) which is of an increased interest for its target group.

TransISTor is run by CIANT (the International Centre for Art and New Technologies in Prague, Czech Republic) in cooperation with HfG Karlsruhe.

What is TransISTor?

A multidisciplinary training initiative that offers European professionals in the audiovisual sector intensive workshops that focuse on new technologies in the following key areas:

  • integrated approach to 3D cinema and stereoscopy (script, storyboard, development, distribution and sale strategy)
  • shooting stereoscopic 3D live action scenes (shooting schedule, location scouting, realisation, CGI supervising)

What does TransISTor offer you?

  • Outstanding training in preservation techniques and methods for digital audiovisual works with respect to latest achievements.
  • The best practices in digital production within a newly structured workshop in the domain of 3D cinema and stereoscopy.
  • Expanded training modules in stereoscopic post-production techniques exploring experiments with low and high budget equipments, integration & composition with the latest stereoscopic software technologies, enhanced with motion capture tracking devices to achieve professional results.

Transistor audience: producers, film directors, animators, professionals from the post-production field and from the animation industry, new media content providers and trainers, computer graphics visual artists, ...

For further information about the TransISTor Stereoscopic 3D Workshops 2013, click here.


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