S-3D Fiction Storytelling and Filmmaking (23rd to 27th of September, Karlsruhe)

Come and join us during the first workshop training session. This workshop will be all about detailed steps which are necessary for the creation of a stereoscopic 3D CGI sequence featuring an animated 3D virtual character along with the creation of synthetic environments. The session will explain why simply putting two cameras next to each other can never produce a good stereoscopic 3D film. The partnerships with the festivals such as the Dimension 3D festival in Paris and the 3D filmmusic festival in Barcelona will be used to introduce participants to the S-3D artistic and industrial network.

First day will be devoted to theory. 
The following areas will be covered: script and storyboard preparations. The following days will focus on hands-on experience:

  • storyboard and script specifics of S-3D
  • theory of S-3D shooting (alignment, convergence, depth, etc.)
  • S-3D equipment (stereoscopic rig, beam splitter, etc.)
  • S-3D personnel (stereographer, etc.)
  • tracking the stereo rig (match moving)
  • capturing movements of actors (motion capture)
  • CGI scene composition and stereoscopic rendering
  • image-based lighting

You don’t need to have a previous knowledge of stereoscopic 3D and you will discover how the greatest movies were done.


S-3D Documentary Storytelling and Filmmaking (September 30th to October 4th, Karlsruhe)

Come and enjoy a workshop with high quality professionals in the field of stereoscopy and filmmaking, meet with the professionals and discuss solutions for problems connected with the use of S-3D technology in documentary films with emphasis on preparation (script and storyboard).

First day will be devoted to theory, script and storyboard preparations. Following days will focus on hands-on experience.

The following areas will be covered:

  • cameras and optics suitable for S-3D documentary filming
  • methods of S-3D preparation “on the fly”
  • possibilities of S-3D for new ways of narration in documentary movies, etc.

Are you ready to share your concepts? Then apply now for our workshop and enjoy the experience!

The workshops will be held in English.


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