Prof. Gérald Schlemminger

Curriculum Vitae

Gérald Schlemminger studied German language and literature studies, Romance studies, educational science and grammar studies in Germany and France. Since 2000 he is professor for French at the Institute of European Studies and Plurilingualism, a part of the University of Education Karlsruhe. His research areas include French linguistics and foreign language didactics, integrated learning of languages and expert knowlegde, new media used in learning foreign languages and progressive educational school concepts.

In 2013 he was honoured with the Michel-Bréal-Award for his year long commitment in the area of cross-border, scientific co-operations between Germany and France. In this context he was part in shaping the trinational master course „Multilingualism“, he taught withing the framework of the European teaching post and leads the research post  „Bilingual Teaching and Learning“ at the University of Education Karlsruhe.

In addition Gérald Schlemminger is the scientific head of the international, interdisciplinary project EVEIL-3D, which explores the use of immersive 3D technology in the acquirement of foreign languages and makes it usable for the language instruction.